Monsoon Mazza Mrathon

The first ever monsoon marathon at navi mumbai is here...

Our aim at soham sports and events is “sports promotion for a healthier living”
We would like to bring forward the best accolades from our sportsmen. People find running a therapy where they can push back negative thoughts and emotions, get time to reflect, de-stress, plan ahead and enjoy their own company.

Marathon running offers both physical and mental health benefits. The physical benefits include losing weight, becoming fitter and eating better. Your heart beats more efficiently and in time you manage to achieve a reduction in basal heart rate that translates into less work done more efficiently by the heart. In a nutshell, with all the above benefits you will lead a longer and healthier life, On the mental front, you feel more energetic, you start looking better and, most importantly, de stress and feel rejuvenated.

To optimize your running goals, when you eat is almost as important as what you eat. Hence a good breakfast at least two hours prior to running or a fruit at least half an hour before the run should be a must-do. Running a marathon without proper training may lead to various injuries including those of the knees and joints but if the training is done in a programmed way, the benefits will always outweigh the potential risks.

This Year, For the fist time, we bring the marathon to the scenic, beautiful and picturesque surroundings of seawood area, and navi-mumbai palm beach road including the navi-mumbai gardens,& the jewels of navi-mumbai inculcating the habit of running and also enjoying the run with your loved ones.

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